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The answer to vehicle occupancy detection



HOVTagtm is your solution to Vehicle Occupancy Detection (VOD) for your HOV or Managed Lane facility. Our VODTagtm is a compact self contained unit that will detect occupancy of 1, 2 or 3+ occupants without user intervention and transmit that data to existing roadside infrastructure.

Whether you operate a simple 2+ HOV facility, want to move to a mixed 2+ and 3+ system, have multi level occupancy facilities on your system, or want to include SOV vehicles in your system, VODTagtm has the built in flexibility to work in all of these variations. For newer managed lane facilities, VODTagtm provides the ultimate flexibility and revenue maximization opportunities.

Utilizing a sophisticated hardware and software solution platform, the VODTagtm can provide reliable, highly accurate occupancy level data. Since VODTagtm is self-contained and requires no user interface, the output data is not subject to 'user honesty' levels. Unlike other solutions such as a 'user switchable' unit or an 'on-line' website or smartphone App, the VODTagtm does not require pre-registration or the dangerous use of a smartphone while driving. The VODTagtm also incorporates specific 'anti-spoofing' algorithms to help prevent creative occupants from reducing revenue opportunities.

The datastream from the VODTagtm can also be integrated with backroom operations to aid in a lower cost enforcement process. This can reduce enforcement costs significantly while providing a 'safer' enforcement environment.

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